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A picture is worth a thousand words

Prior to the modern era, churches used vivid  imagery, including stained glass windows and paintings, to tell the story of God and our relationship with him. Most people could not read or write so they relied on pictures and  religious interpreters to understand the Bible. For many of us, pictures are still a powerful way to share stories and understand biblical context. The  illustrations in this book represent stories and ideas from the Bible using  pictures to focus on Discipleship as a way of teaching what God has been trying  to share with us all along. The illustrations are layered and linked so that a  child can see things on one level, while an adult seeking greater understanding  can be led into a deeper and larger view of the Creator. Often seeing things  from a different point of view, such as through these illustrations, can give  us insight and shed new light on God's plan for our world and our lives. These  stories of the ancient world come alive in pictures and show all of us why  God's word is still important and relevant today.


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    I have been going through the book and reading it gradually and I really like it! The artwork is so beautiful and really evocative of the mood of the stories. It is a really great introductory kind of book for the bible since it offers people a way to systemically read the story of the bible (without getting too bogged down in too many details). And the questions are an excellent way for people to "put themselves" in the story -- really an essential part of bible study!! If you can't relate to the characters or see yourself in the story, it is hard for it to have an impact on you.

    I also love the layout -- it is very engaging and pops. I also like how the Old Testament and the New Testament connections are made! This is so important and helps readers to see that the entire bible points to Christ!

    We use different resources for our bible studies and most of the research we do on our own. However, this would certainly be a good resource book for us and for our members.

    I also think it would be a good book to use with school and CCD families and even as a part of Sunday school. I really like that parents and children can read it together!! I think this would make a great gift book too! - Theresa

    This looks like an excellent resource, an instructive guide, and a fun way to read Bible stories. I think the concept is fantastic and the art is super engaging! I know when I was a kid I loved examining pictures in my books for small details and continuing themes and appreciated discovering seemingly new things every time I looked. The layout looks like it will work real well as a companion piece to the Bible and as a family discussion dynamic. I am really impressed! - Amanda
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    I think it is beautiful in a different way than most Christian books! Since it is directed at children and adults on two different levels and mindsets, I feel it is something new that most people will find themselves intrigued by. As an adult, I was quite surprised that I felt the need to answer the questions that were thrown my way.

    I honestly feel the need to reread the questions and answer them for myself. I am honestly curious about my own answers. And then I think about my grandkids, what they would think and what their answers would be. Would this book help them to grow to be morally responsible children/adults? I honestly think it would and I think that this would be a great teaching aid for Sunday School teachers. No matter your denomination, I honestly believe that any Christian looking for answers will enjoy this! And of course I have to say that the artwork is amazing!

    I think I would have imagined your artist would have just shown angelic pictures of serene meadows with Christ walking with a lamb in his arms. Typical. But this was more real and I personally think that children are smart creatures and can see right through propaganda type artwork. This artwork is beautiful but gets the message across in a little more stern way than usual. I will read this book again and ask the questions of myself. - Gloria
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    Wow! That's a great book! I only skimmed through it and read a few pages - but I love the layout and the simplicity. You lose kids if it's too complicated - but this is simple and gets to the real heart of it. Love the illustrations too. We definitely need more people spending time on things like this. After what happened in Charleston - people are saying gun control is the answer --- what we really need is for people to let God control our hearts. - April
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    First and overall impression is that the book is delightful! The artwork is humanly appealing, and has a wistful quality, which tugs at my heart and imagination. The book’s approach is ingenious in its multi-level format (addressing adults and children), and its layout (questions, concepts, ancient ideas and children’s corner) all so easily accessible.

    It is just enough, not too much: if someone wants to explore an item more deeply, they can do so independently, but it does not weigh the book down. Meantime, the connection between the story and ancient context does not require cross-referencing and mind-boggling page turning (unless, as I said, you want to). The underlying scholarship is considerable, but not “showy.”

    I appreciate the way the text embraces a broad swath of Christianity, without becoming narrowly denominational, while at the same time it addresses our Jewish roots, and even our common ground with Islam in Abraham. That is a tremendous balancing act, and shows great care! The concepts and questions for discussion are a practical guide for reading the Scriptures as “our own story,” not merely ancient history. And even while many people may know that, this book helps them to actualize it. - Paul
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    It provides a spiritual resource that works on so many levels and is appropriate for all ages and for people who are on many different places in their walk with God.

    I was looking for something to provide a more structured, Bible-based approach with my Junior and Senior High School Sunday School students, and our church school directors found that this wonderful book by Rev. Viola provides a resource that we can use throughout our different class levels to provide consistency and continuity as the young people deepen their understanding and further their walk with God.

    The beautiful illustrations are inviting to all ages, from pre-school through adult, and the insightful questions are sure to generate much discussion. The organization allows it to work with our lectionary-based year as well and it can be used from year to year. We've ordered many more books so that each classroom will have them. I also bought some for friends as gifts and am using it for my own study. I cannot recommend it enough. - Donna
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    The Heart of Discipleship is much more than just a Bible storybook. First, it is equally appropriate and insightful for both children and adults. There is something here for everyone! The illustrations in this large-sized book are captivating and bring the reader into the experience on many different levels.

    There is a Children's Corner, Points to Ponder worthy of people of all ages, Ancient Ideas, and Concepts that highlight the Biblical stories - all leading the reader to ask, "What is being communicated to me personally?" Perfect for family time where everyone shares, to read to your favorite child, for personal reflection for the most discerning Christian, or for group study - the breadth of the book gives it a depth that is yearned for and seldom seen. Elizabeth Geitz, Author of I Am That Child
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    The Heart of Discipleship is so beautifully written and illustrated. It is easy to see the author and the artist connecting in a very special way to present an intriguing view of what it truly means to follow Christ. It is food for thought and nutrition for the soul, and it is a book that can be seen by the entire family!

    Clearly, this publication is a Divinely Inspired guidebook that brings readers of all ages to an honest understanding of God's Love for All of His Creation. I would highly recommend this book for personal reflection, Bible Study, Spirituality groups, and for anyone seeking a meaningful dialogue with Our Creator...Definitely 5*****stars! - Josey


There are no coincidences; only God-incidences!


Two years ago I purchased an illustrated book by Travis Hanson on living your dreams. I really connected with the artist's vision and drawings. Two weeks later I literally dreamed Travis' art style into several biblical pictures. Not knowing Travis personally, I reached out to various artists I knew to recreate my vision, but nothing happened. Fast forward two years...I searched for bike trails on my computer. For seven years I had no idea that a bike trail through the woods was just around the corner from my home. I started riding my bike once again, my energy returned, and I felt really great for the first time in years. Then while looking at a post from Travis' on Face Book, I saw that he was looking for creative projects, so I emailed him and he called me back. During that conversation I could feel the energy and connection, and knew that Travis was the artist for my vision. He too was a lifelong active Christian. I told him that I only had a few pictures developed, but Travis suggested we needed about thirty images!

What happened next was uncanny. People said I was on fire! For the next three weeks I woke up almost every night writing my dreams in a book by my bedside. Then on my bike rides I continued to daydream and develop these visions. Everything connected. Suddenly, within a month I had all the pictures and concepts for a book on discipleship. Then I received a call from someone telling me she had been praying for me, that the Holy Spirit would guide me, and that I would have the strength to do God's will. She did not know about the journey I was on, which made the timing amazing. I called Travis to tell him what had transpired, and that we needed to accelerate development of the book. I still was not sure how to finance it, but with God all things are possible. Thankfully, my wife, bless her, unconditionally supported this daunting undertaking. And God continued sending the help that I really needed. A friend who is a webmaster came to my aid. Then I met with a fellow deacon and his wife for lunch and during our conversation brought up the book and all of the coincidences that have surrounded this effort. His wife looked me in the eyes and asked if I knew what they did for a living - they market Christian books. We have a saying at our church: God is good, all the time! Travis' tagline at his site is "This is your story, your dream, your adventure. Let's bring it to life!" Well to be honest, this book was a more like an inspired vision than a dream and this story really isn't mine, it's ours...and the rest as they say is "His Story!"  

I would like to invite you to take this visual journey, so that you might explore and discover what it means to be connected to the Creator and one another. My hope is that you begin to see things in a new and relevant way for your life - to see things in a new light - with the heart of a disciple. Jesus knows that if you allow God to change your heart, you can change the world. Jesus wants us to shift our perception and see the world the way God sees it: connected and sacred. The Kingdom of God will be revealed in our midst right here and right now by following the two Great Commandments: loving God and loving one another, and by undertaking Jesus' great commission to go and make disciples of all. Come follow Jesus and re-connect with one another and with the living God.


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